NUTRILAND BV is a Dutch Registered Company
KVK-Nummer: 24399229

BODYMAXX™ SPORTS NUTRITION proudly brings to you the most potent and complete line-up in Sports Nutrition.

Despite an abundance of brands, sports nutrition offerings remain far from Complete.

To us, complete and truly effective sports nutrition includes:

  •   Nutrients that enhance the growth factor profile of the athletes;
  •   Essential amino acids combined at the right ratios – a strongly anabolic and blood-flow enhancing mix;
  •   Well-absorbed anti-fatigue and recovery agents;
  •   Betaine, creatine, arginine, vitamins and minerals including electrolytes.

A key challenge is to offer all the above in optimal form and dosage without compromising taste.

Our flagship products, NITRIUM IITM and XT-BOLTM are designed around this philosophy.

The Bodymaxx product portfolio also includes our incredibly delicious protein powder formulas that provide protein of the highest quality standards   ISO WHEYTM, WHEY 100TM , MYOFUELTM, LEAN MASSTM , TURBO MAXXTM and BODY MASS GAINERTM.

All products are manufactured in HACCP and GMP certified plants.